Understanding The Application of Fiber Optic Quick Connectors

Takfly’s fiber optic fast connector or quick connector is a filed-installable fiber optic connector, mainly used in Fiber to home fiber networks. We can select single mode or multimode optical fiber, and the right diameter such as 0.9 mm cable, 2.0×3.0 mm cable, etc. With the advantages of fast installation and low loss, the fast connector system is a good alternative to fusion splicing. Besides that, the process of installing a fiber optic fast connector is very simple and fast, The fast connector makes installation very easy.


The fiber optic fast connector is widely used in FTTH/FTTX/FTTD areas worldwide. It’s often used for maintenance or emergency restoration of fiber networks, and when fiber optic networks need to repair, the fiber optic fast connector is a good choice. Also, because it can be installed in a short time, the fiber optic fast connector is a good choice for connection at the desk for LAN environments. 


The fast connector is pre-polished in Takfly’s ISO9001 facility. As the field-installable connectors, the fast connector doesn’t need hand polishing which saves a lot of time. The superior raw materials and advanced equipment ensure precision fiber alignment, immediate termination, and lower loss. Besides that, Takfly offers longer warranty for our customers. 


Advantages of Fiber Optic Fast Connector

1. No special assembling t
2. Quick and easy for assembling
3. More than 300 times repeat operation
4. Precise structural design to avoid physical impact affecting product performance
5. Can be installed in two minutes
6. Power saving and easy to operate)
7. Without any gluing and polishing process

There are some important parameters for fast connectors: cable diameter, insertion loss, return loss, tensile strength, and working temperature.

Takfly’s Fiber Optic Fast Connector Series

According to the cable type and work environment, Takfly provides many kinds of highs quality fast connectors for our customers such as SC, LC, FC, etc. the diameter includes 250um, 900um, 2.0 mm, and 3.0 mm cable, and the optical fiber is single mode 9/125 um, Multimode 62.5/125 um and multimode 50/125 um. At the same time, Takfly adopts more advanced matching liquid and Ceramic ferrule to ensure high quality. Besides that, the precision product size can help us lower the insertion loss. 


Due to its excellent performance, Takfly’s fiber optic fast connectors are very popular around the world, especially in Asia and South American markets. Takfly is developing quickly and contributing to the connection between people in the digital generation.


fiber optic fast connector



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