MPO/MTP-LC Uniboot OM4 Breakout Patch Cord

MPO/MTP breakout patch cord generally consists of four components: main cable, breakout cable, branching device and connector. And the multi-core main cable is convenient for cabling management and not easy be entangled, which make it an ideal product for optical cabling in high-density environment.

TAKFLY can provides a full range of MPO/MTP breakout patch cords, whose transmission mode, cable type and connector type could be customized.

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Changeable polarity, Simple operation, Applicable for high-density environment

LC uniboot connector is featured with one push-pull tab, one tube, two cores and single boot, which make it compact and space-saving (can save 50% cabling space) and conducive to reasonable use of heat dissipation for the cabling system with greater efficiency.

Allowable for on-site polarity change of optical connector, easy opening of outer housing without any tools.



Selected high quality ferrule

Available with high quality ferrule, professional polishing technology, precise matching for optical endface to achieve more stable transmission and efficient connection.



High quality, 100% Testing

TAKFLY MPO/MTP-LC breakout patch cords are fully 100% testing, compliant to the product standards and can meet the demands of our users.



Multiple types optional

TAKFLY can provide a full range of MPO/MTP-LC etc…..breakout patch cords, can be customized.

TAKFLY MPO/MTP breakout patch cords are featured with advantages of stable transmission, high reliability etc. and therefore are ideal optical cabling products for high-density environment and widely applicable in optical network scenario such as data centers, optical cabling etc..

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