Reliable FTTx Fiber Manufacturer

Takfly Communication Co., Ltd. is a leading fiber optic company and a renowned telecommunication network provider, prominent for its FTTx fiber access solutions to both domestic and international communication network construction users.

FTTX fiber, fiber to X, refers to different fiber delivery topologies and is classified regarding where the fiber optic line ends and the metallic network line begins.

FTTx fiber includes FTTH, fiber to the home, FTTB, fiber to the building, FTTC, fiber to the curb, FTTA, fiber to the base station among others.

Capabilities of FTTx fiber

With a qualified and state-of-the-art Research and development facility, TAKFLY makes FTTx fiber cables with capabilities such as:

Large transmission capacity: The FTTx fiber is known for its large transmission capacity

High-quality transmission: As compared to the traditional copper wire, FTTx fiber has quality transmission hence its preference as a transmission medium.

Long-distance transmission: Our cables are durable and can be used in applications requiring long-distance carrier fibers.

Reliability: The FTTx fiber employs an anti-electromagnet interference system hence it is more reliable since it reduces any data losses during transmission.


Designed by a highly skilled technical and engineering team, FTTx fiber provides a technical solution to different industries and sectors in telecommunication.The different categories under the FTTx fiber have different applications such as :

FTTB/FTTC (Fiber to the Building): FTTB is used for connecting directly to the building while FFTC connects to the homes or buildings and both can be applicable in highly populated residential or office areas.

FTTH (fiber to the Home): FTTH offers increased network performance and high speeds over long distances and can be applied to new apartments or villas in loose distribution.

Fiber to the terminal (FTTT). These Fiber optic cables are applied for connections directly to desktop equipment in an office.

For reliable, quality, and cost-effective FTTx fibers or FTTH fiber to the home fiber optical and other categories, contact us.

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