Micro cluster armoured optical cable GJYFJKZY-3X

Multi-application distribution optic fiber cable- Micro cluster armored optical cable uses multiple optical fibers to coat and extrude flame-retardant micro-cluster optical fibers as the optical transmission medium, bundling in stainless steel spiral armored tubes, and covered with full-dielectric strength member yarn as the strength unit, the outer jacket layer of OFNR/OFNP or CPR-DCA/CCA/BCA material.

Fiber optic cables are designed for use in plenum, riser, and general-purpose enviroments for intrabuilding backbone and horizontal installations. These multifiber cables use individually jacketed TBII Buffered fiber enabling easy, consistent stripping and facilitating termination. The fiber is grouped into jacketed subunits and surrounded by a dielectric central member. The core is protected by a flexible, spirally wrapped, armor that offers easy, one-step installation and over seven times the crush protection of unarmored cable. With a flame-retardant outer jacket, this cable is particularly useful for heavy traffic or more challenging mechanical exposure conditions and applications requiring extra rugged cables.

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Structure Diagram

It is suitable for the pigtail cable of the main network, patch cord of directly connected from the main network to the equipment, and the optical terminal in the building. Indoor and outdoor walls, roofs, interlayer and pipes, direct distribution of optical cables and communication equipment room, FTTH, optical connection of fiber optic distribution frame, indoor and outdoor horizontal cabling, vertical cabling in buildings, LAN network, multi-information area optic terminal equipment connection. Can be cabling for the whole distribution of the large-capacity and multi-client indoor overall cabling, and unit cabling, and can be used independently as branches, and can be easily connected to each end of the equipment. Can be connected with the equipment of each terminal conveniently, used for high-density cabling, and the installation space and installation for small curvature occasions.

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