For this type of stranded loose tube light-armored cable, it’s 250/200μm optical fiber that put into the loose tube made of high-modulus material, which is also filled with waterproof compound; and the metal strength member serves as the center of the cable. It is also necessary to cover a layer of ultra-high molecular polyethylene copolymer for the strength member. Combined with the loose tube (and filling tube) stranded around the central strength member, a compact and round cable core is formed. In addition, the gap between the tubes is filled with water-blocking compound, and the double-sided plastic-coated steel tape (PSP) is longitudinally wrapped and then the outer sheath will be covered with the ultra-high molecular polyethylene copolymer.

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Structure Diagram

This type of cable is applicable for various installation, such as entry, duct, channel, tunnel, cable trench and non-self-support aerial. It is also suitable for various weather and environmental conditions, and widely used in core network, metropolitan area network, access network, etc.

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