MPO/MTP-LC 12C/24C Cassette module TK-HRM-02

The MPO/MTP-LC pre-terminated cassette module, is mainly to branch the 12/24 cores MPO connector of the trunk optical cable terminal into duplex connector. the specific feature is that the front panel of the 12/24 core cassette module is installed with LC duplex adapters, and the rear panel is installed with two MPO/MTP adapters. there is a patch cord in the cassette module, which directly connects the LC duplex adapter on the front panel and the MPO/MTP adapter on the rear panel. Every separated MPO/MTP-LC pre-terminated cassette module form a completed patch panel.

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Internal structure design of Cassette module

The adapter and the equipment are installed in a snap-fit manner to ensure the patch cord with bending radius has storage space of more than 2cm, and thus more stable low-loss data.



Products matching

This cassette module can be matched with super-high density MPO patch panel, adapters with various colors are available.


Meet the wiring of various scenarios

The cassette module can be installed in the modular patch panel for flexible management, and is widely used in the data center machine room and other scenarios.


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