MPO/MTP Data Center Series

Why Choose Takfly MPO/MTP Data Center Products?

Established in 2000, Takfly Communication Co., a National High-tech Enterprise integrating R&D, sales and production.As a leading provider of optical connectivity equipment, Takfly has more than 24 years of ODM/OBM/OEM manufacturer experience, and its business has expanded to more than 128 countries and regions.

Takfly leads the development of the optical communication industry, provides global communication operators with the most advanced technology, integrated logistics solutions and comprehensive after-sales services, and competitive advanced data center solutions, and ultimately achieves sustainable growth and creates for the industry and society value!

With the rapid development of modern communication technology in the Internet era, Takfly launched the MPO patch cord in MPO cable assemblies

The demand for data transmission in data centers has grown exponentially so traditional fiber optic patch cords cannot meet the connection requirements of current equipment. How to process and store more data in a limited space has become an urgent problem to be solved when building and expanding data centers.

The following is an introduction to the MPO patch cord in of MPO cable assemblies by Takfly.

MPO cable assemblies have MPO connector is one of the MT series connectors, with two guide holes and guide holes with a diameter of 0.7 mm on the left and right sides of the MT series ferrule, the guide pin (also called PIN) is a male connector, and the guide hole For the female connector. The PIN positioning function cooperates with the MPO adapter to achieve precise positioning and connection, achieving high stability. MPO cable and MPO fiber optic connectors can be processed to produce various specifications of MPO patch cords.

Due to continuous improvement and upgrading of optical fiber connectors, upgrade from MTRJ and E2000 to MPO. An MPO patch cord can support not only 8-core and 12-core, but breakout cable even 72-core or more fiber connections, which can meet the high-density transmission requirements of 40G and 100G fiber optic networks in data centers. The compact design of the MPO connector makes the MPO patch cord more cores and smaller size, which is necessary for use in high-density data centers

With the increasing demand for data center transmission, future large-capacity, high-speed data transmission will inevitably bring broad market prospects to the MPO cable assemblies.

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