TK-ODF-OC96 96Cores Floor Type Fiber Optic Cross Connect Cabinet

Interface equipment for backbone cable and wiring cable nodes in fiber optic networks. It is mainly used for outdoor cable connection, wiring and scheduling, and through the optical fiber connector and jumper cable and cable in the core of the flexible connection.

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Fiber optic cable splicing unit

Function: for the backbone of the cable (through the cable) into the end, cable distribution area;


Composition: full configuration 8 disk, each disk can be welded 12 core fiber, adapter interface for each disk SC (FC) type single core adapter 12, full configuration welding up to 96 core.




Fully enclosed chassis, the box is SMC molding material, can moisture, water, dust, salt spray, anti-corrosion anti-aging performance, beautiful appearance, protection class IP65 level

Easy to walk a reasonable fiber to meet the fiber bending radius greater than 40mm;

Clear identification, each core fiber connection and distribution are clearly marked;

Can meet the needs of ribbon cable and non-ribbon cable at the same time;

Can be realized by the optical fiber and has attached to the optical disk storage capacity;

Full module design, according to customer requirements flexible assembly;

Each module can be removed separately for ease of construction and maintenance;

Has a reliable cable fixed, stripping, grounding protection device;

Fiber distribution and scheduling are all positive operation.


Optical cable transfer box with excellent performance, safe and reliable, flexible core scheduling, suitable for fiber-optic local area network, regional network and fiber access network.

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