TK-HRS-1096M 1U 24 port MPO/MTP Patch Panel

Takfly’s 1U 24 port MPO/MTP patch panel, used for data center distribution area optical fiber trunk connection set distribution optical cable,installed in 19-inch rack and cabinet, can be installed with pre-connected MPO module box or MPO adapter panel, LC adapter panel.

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• The1U 24 port MPO/MTP patch panel can install 4 MPO Pre-terminated cassette modules, and the number of fiber accounts that can be managed is 96 fibers maximum;

• The 1U optical fiber box can install 4 MPO adapter panels, and the number of manageable optical fiber accounts can reach 288 fibers maximum;

• Made of high-quality cold-rolled steel material;

• With 1U cable management rack, beautiful and convenient;

• None burrs, none air bubbles, none screws fixed, none tools to open;Lightweight, easy to operate, fast wiring.


Production process: galvanized steel plate, environmental protection spray plastic

Product specification: 430*338.5*43.6mm


Super-high density fiber optic patch panel is mainly applied in the termination and distribution of trunk cables in central office of optical fiber communication systems, which can facilitate the connection of optical fiber links, and thus widely applicable in data centers, computer rooms and other scenarios.

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