16Channel Compact Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexer

Takfly’s compact wavelength division multiplexer/CCWDM module is a wavelength division multiplexing technology based on TFF (thin film filter), it works in the same way as CWDM module, the difference is CCWDM adopts free space technology and its package size is much smaller than the CWDM. Meanwhile, the insertion loss is more lower and the consistency is more better.

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Low Insertion Loss

Compact size

Ultra Stable and Highly Reliable

Extended Operating Temperature Available



Free space technology

Takfly’s CCWDM module adopts free space technology and uses an independent sealed space for optical signal transmission; The working method is the same as CWDM, and the optical signal is input (output) from the COM port, then the other ports are output (input) light signal through TFF (thin film filter).

Widely used in telecommunications, enterprise network, PON network, cable TV and other fields.

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