SC Fast Connector

Fast connector is an optical fiber connector used for on-site assembly. It is widely used in fiber-to-the-home(FTTH)access optical networks. It is not only suitable for single-mode or multi-mode fiber, but also 3 mm.And 3.0*2.0mm drop cable category used to connect other equipment and optical fiber panels the installa- tion process only takes about 2 minutes this kind of connector does not require any glue and curing process during the installation process.

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Anti-dust function by dust cap

Each bare fiber adapter with the dust cap, prevent the ferrule from dust and keep it clean.



Selected High Quality Ferrule

Available with high quality ferrule, professional polishing technology, precise matching for optical endface to achieve more stable transmission and efficient connection.


It can lock the optical cable by cable grip and screw cap and its V-groove can be re-opened by pushing the sliding fiber buckle.



Simple operation and easy to learn

Easy to operate,  and also can be observed with the naked eye.



Multiple Types Optional

TAKFLY can provide a full range of fast connector.




Fast connector has the advantages of convenient assembly, low insertion loss and high compressive strength.

It is one of the indispensable connecting devices in optical networks, and is widely used in telecom network, CATV, FTTX and other fields.

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