MPO/MTP Fiber Loopback

It has an MPO/MTP loopback patch cord in the MPO/MTP fiber loopback, fixes both ends of the optical fiber into an MPO/MTP connector, and transmits the optical network signal from the transmitter to the receiver end to realize the optical loop in the same connector. The fiber loopback module is designed to provide a media of return patch for a fiber optic signal. Typically it is used for fiber optic testing applications or network restorations, thereby achieving effective testing and evaluation of individual components or interfaces and networks on fiber-optic networks.

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Outer sheath design

The fiber is protected by a simple and strong outer sheath, so that the fiber cable will not be exposed, anti-bending, anti-press off.



Selection of high-quality ferrules, anti-dust function by dust cap

Provide a selection of high-quality ferrules, professional grinding technical realize the accuracy docking, to achieve the stable transmission and high efficient connection.

Each loopback with the dust cap, prevent the loopback module from dust and keep it clean.



Multiple types optional

TAKFLY provide multiple color fiber loopback for optional.

High-density data center application

TAKFLY supplies the 40G/100G SFP transceiver module, for fiber testing, network repair, and diagnosis error of device. It is the best choice for transmission power meter and receiver-sensitive testing.

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