As the optical transmission medium, multiple φ0.6/0.9mm flame-retardant tight-buffered optical fibers,which are bundled in stainless steel spiral armoured tube, are applied for multi-purpose cabling soft armoured cable, which are also covered with a layer of all-dielectric aramid yarn as the strength member. Finally, the outer sheath will be covered with a layer of OFNR/OFNP or CPR-DCA/CCA/BCA material.

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Structure Diagram

This type of cabe can serve as the pigtails for the backbone network which can be directly connected from the backbone network to the patch cords of the equipment and optical terminals in the building. It can also be applicable for indoor and outdoor cabling along the wall, roof, mezzanine and duct and optical connection for communication equipment room, FTTH,and optical distribution unit. Moreover, it can also be applicable for optical connection of indoor and outdoor horizontal cabling, vertical cabling inside the buildings, LAN network, and multi-information point optical terminal. Another, it can also be used for large-capacity, multi-client indoor overall installation and unit cabling. Besides, it can serve as independent branch unit and make it convenient for connection between the equipments, and high-density cabling in the small places with less installation bending radius.

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