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Optical communication distribution cabinets, also known as optical fiber cabinets, are mainly used for connection, resource management, and protection of optical fibers or optical fibers in optical fiber communication networks.

The optical fiber cabinet can realize the functions of fixing and grounding protection of optical cables, as well as fusion splicing, jumping, wiring scheduling, and redundant fiber coiling of various optical fibers. It is a necessary communication supporting equipment between transmission media and transmission equipment.

In this era of digitalization and technological innovation, the role of fiber optic racks cannot be underestimated. Essentially, there are different types of fiber optic racks, namely open frame racks, closed frame racks called fiber optic cabinets, and wall-mounted racks.

Fiber optic racks are designed to enclose, organize and manage fiber optic cables in the telecom industry in an enclosed compartment, thus protecting them from physical damage and environmental conditions such as sunlight, moisture, etc.

The Advantages of fiber cabinets

-Energy conservation: The fiber cabinets provide telecommunication providers with much-needed energy conservation since they reduce wastage and electrical noise during the transmission of signals.

-Reduces environmental impact: The enclosed fiber rack is a great plus when it comes to protecting fiber optics against environmental factors such as heat, water, or damage from accidents.

-Improved speed and efficiency: The fiber cabinets are designed with cooling and heating systems, and they ensure that there are balanced cooling and heating effects to provide efficiency and extended life of the fibers.

-Low maintenance costs: The fiber cabinets promote efficiency and foster reduced costs of maintaining the fiber optic cables.

Takfly Communication Co., Ltd. is a National High-tech Enterprise integrating R&D, sales, and production. As a leading provider of optical connectivity equipment, we provide the market with reliable and quality fiber racks for use in various industries such as main equipment manufacturers, and system integrators in residential, industrial, or manufacturing industries, etc.

Takfly has the expertise and advanced R&D facilities like data center and FTTH passive optical devices, fiber management systems coupled with vast experience of over 24 years of industrial experience and prides ourselves in the design and manufacture of high-quality fiber racks such as the Floor Type Fiber Optic Cross Connect Cabinet.

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