TK-HRS-1096B MPO/MTP Cassette Management Panel-Slidaple Type

The MPO/MTP cassette management panel from TAKFLY adopts sliable modular design, and can also be equipped with LC, SC, FC, and ST adapter panels for fiber-accommodating functions, which is convenient for the connection of fiber-optic links. It is especially for high-speed 40G/100G Ethernet Road transmission design, common in data centers, computer rooms, and other scenarios.

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High quality cold-rolled steel+Anti-static spray paint matte fine sand

Textured wear-resistant and anti-corrosion Sturdy and beautiful

Simple slidable type, High-capacity super-high density management


Fiber capacity

Assemble LC,SC,FC,ST adapter panels



Internal structure design of cassette module

The adapter and the equipment are installed in a snap-fit manner to ensure the patch cord with bending radius has storage space of more than 2cm, and thus more stable low-loss data.



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The MPO/MTP patch panel is used with the cassette module or the installation fiber tray with the adapter panel. The adapters are available in various colors.

Super-high density fiber optic patch panel is mainly applied in the termination and distribution of trunk cables in central office of optical fiber communication systems, which can facilitate the connection of optical fiber links, and thus widely applicable in data centers, computer rooms and other scenarios.


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