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PLC-Planar Light wave Circuit Splitter is an integrated waveguide device based on quartz and silicon substrates, packaged with a precise and reliable optical fiber array, and used for power coupling and redistribution of optical signals. PLC has the characteristics of wavelength insensitivity, small size, wide working wavelength range, high reliability, and good light splitting uniformity, therefore it’s widely used for connecting central office and terminal equipment in passive optical networks (EPON, BPON, GPON, etc.) and realizing optical signals.


Takfly has focused on PLC splitter production since 2000, now we have 6 production lines and the production capacity could reach 300000-400000pcs each month.


PLC splitter could be divided into bare fiber PLC splitter, mini PLC splitter, ABS box PLC splitter, PLC splitter cassette, and patch panel PLC splitter according to their package methods.


The most popular PLC splitters in the market are 1*2,1*4,1*8,….1*32, and 1*64, but 1*3, 1*6, and 1*12 PLC splitters are required by more and more clients in their projects also in the last few years.


The PLC splitter could be produced according to the package, connector type, cable color, and ability length requirements of the customers. If no specialized item requirement, the item will be made according to the industry default standards. For example, We always produce mini PLC splitter with 0.9 mm 1.5 m input and output cable loose white tube, SC/APC connector. Of course, we also could produce a mini PLC splitter with 0.9 mm colored loose tube input and output cable but with a shorter or longer cable length than 1.5 m, and LC/APC connector.  


In order that our PLC splitter will have good performance, we always produce them using the chip made in Taiwan and strictly comply with the following processes:


  • Make the input FA, chip, and output FA bundled together
  • Fill into the glue between chip, input FAand Output FA, make them bundle more and more steadiness
  • Split the output fiber and put them into the tube
  • Test the insert loss of PLC splitter without the connector
  • Put through optical connector components on both input and outputs cable of PLC splitter
  • Enables the fiber to enter the ferrule stably and the glue to dry by high temperature.
  • Assemble finished optical connector for PLC splitter
  • Polish the ferrule of the connector to be APC or UPC according to the customers’ requirement
  • Test the insert loss of PLC splitter with the connector included;
  • Check if the end surface of the ferrule is clean, with no scratches, and no defects.
  • Packed PLC splitter into blister box or other requested package
  • In general, the insert loss of PLC splitter with a connector is 0.2dB higher than without a connector.

If any PLC splitter demands, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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