High precision fiber cleaver

The high-precision optical fiber cleaver is precise in cutting, convenient in operation, lightweight in design, and suitable for FTTH operation.

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Method of use and regulation of safety operation

Please read the instruction manualcarefully before operation, keep instruction manual and fiber cleaver     in a good place at the same time.

In order to prevent the damage of the machine performance , pleasenote the following when you use fiber cleaver.

Don’t get wet fiber cleaver.

Don’t put the fiber cleaver in a place where is wet or dusty.

Under normal temperature preservation in order to avoid high temperature cause deformation.

Don’t hit so hard fiber cleaver.

Leave about 12 mm long bare fiber.

Regularly clean up dirt on pressure fiberboard with alcohol, don’t use acetone or corrosive solvent cleaning pressure fiberboard.

Constantly clean up fiber box and ensure no dust and oil dirties in the slot.

Used widely in FTTH fiber to the home, security monitoring, backbone networks, power fiber optic engineering, base stations, etc.

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