The advantages and disadvantages of Single mode fiber optic patch cord

Fiber optic patch cords (also known as fiber optic connector cables in the industry) are patch cords that connect or cross-connect fiber optic networks and devices to each other within a structured cabling system to achieve fiber optic cabling connection. An optical fiber cable connector is pre-terminated at either end of the fiber patch cable to allow it to smoothly connect to an optical switch, servers, fiber optic passive or active device, or other telecommunication equipment.

The optical fiber cables are categorized into single mode fiber optic patch cords or multimode fiber optic patch cords.


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What is a single mode fiber optic patch cord?

The Single mode fiber optic patch cord is a fiber optic cable pre-terminated at both ends with single-mode connectors for long-distance connections, it has a single-mode fiber diameter of 9/125um. Light travels to the center of the cable in a single mode of light, allowing light beams to travel at higher speeds and longer distances without losing signal quality or interference.



  • High transmission speed: A single mode fiber optic patch cords are known to provide the fastest transmission speed which can run up to 40Gbps.
  • Fewer data disruption and external interference: A single input is good at providing SMF to limit light scattering in the process and decrease light waste during data transmission.
  • Long-distance transmission. It is capable of ending light beams in only one direction hence covering a long distance as compared to multi-mode cords.



The single mode fiber optic patch cord has several disadvantages as well, such as, 

  • Difficult coupling: Because of the small core diameter of single mode fiber, it is more difficult to couple light into single mode fiber than into multi mode fiber.
  • More technically rigorous: manufacturing and handling single mode fiber patch cords is technically more difficult than multi mode fiber patch cords.
  • Tighter tolerance requirements: Because a single mode fiber optic patch cord’s internal fiber core diameter is less than that of a multiple optic fiber cord, it needsa tighter tolerance for transmitting light beams.



Single mode fiber optic patch cord has a variety of applications owing to its ability to long distances and low data loss and interference capabilities. These include:

  • CATVs-Cable televisions
  • College campuses
  • Local area networks as well as point-to-point links in many cities
  • Small and medium-scale companies
  • One and multiple buildings


Takfly is your supplier of choice of single mode fiber optic patch cord

Takfly Communication Co., Ltd. is a fiber optic products’ supplier that prides itself on the provision of customized optical fiber connections for global customers. At Takfly we also manufacture and supply quality and reliable optical fiber cable connector types. Takfly makes different categories of single mode fiber optic patch cords including SC-SC, FC-FC, ST-ST, LC-SC, FC-ST, MU-MU, MTRJ-MTRJ, MPO-MTP, etc. for telecommunication solutions. 

Some of our best-selling single mode fiber optic patch cords include PD LC outdoor waterproof patch cord, ODVA SC-SC Simplex Outdoor Waterproof Patch Cord, and Mini IP SC connector. For more information and inquiries about our single mode fiber patch cord, please kindly contact us.


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