How to Choose the Optical Fiber Patch Panel/ODF

With the rapid growth of network transmission requirements, data center operators have to look for high-density cable management equipment that can provide higher performance without expanding to a larger physical space. Optical Fiber Patch Panel or Optical fiber distribution frame(ODF), as an important cable management equipment, is widely used in data centers to store, organize, manage and protect optical cables. In the practical application of optical communication construction, it is recommended that the selection of an optical fiber patch panel should consider the following aspects:


  1. Fiber core capacity

An optical fiber patch panel or ODF should be able to completely put the optical cables with numerous cores in the LAN on the shelf. If possible, several optical cables that are more connected to each other can be placed in one rack to facilitate optical path adjustment. At the same time, the capacity of the distribution frame should correspond to the series of common optical cable cores, so that the waste of the fiber distribution frame capacity caused by improper collocation can be reduced or avoided during use.

optical fiber patch panel

  1. Function & Type

Optical fiber patch panels or ODF, as the terminal equipment in an optical fiber cabling system, should have four basic functions.


  • Fixing

After the cable is placed in the rack, the outer sheath and strengthening core should be mechanically fixed, the grounding protection component should be installed, the end protection treatment should be carried out, and the optical fiber should be grouped and protected physically.


  • Splicing

After the optical fiber drawn from the optical cable is spliced with the pigtail, the redundant optical fiber will be coiled and stored, and the splicing joint is protected in the optical fiber patch panel/ODF.


  • Allocating

Insert the connector on the pigtail into the adapter, and connect the cable to the optical connector on the other side of the adapter. The adapter and connector should be able to be flexibly inserted and removed, and the optical path can be freely deployed and tested.


  • Storage

Provide storage for various cross-connected optical cables between the racks, so that they are placed neatly and orderly. The optical fiber patch panel should be laid in an appropriate space and layout, so that the routing of this part of the optical connection line is clear, easy to adjust, and can meet the requirements of minimum bending radius. In addition, the optical fiber patch panel creates a safe environment in which to work with exposed fibers.



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