The Advantages of Using OPGW Cable

Optical fiber composite overhead ground wire (OPGW) places optical fibers in the ground wire of overhead high-voltage transmission cables, forming a structural form of optical fiber communication network on the transmission line. The dual function of ground wire and communication is commonly referred to as OPGW optical cable. OPGW optical cables are designed to be installed on transmission and distribution lines and protect the fibers from environmental conditions (lightning, short circuits, loads) to ensure reliability and service life.

OPGW cable is mainly used for 500KV, 220KV, and 110KV voltage level lines. Due to the influence of the line power outage and safety, most of them are applied to the new line.
The applicable feature of OPGW optical cable is:
(1) Line with high voltage exceeding 110kV, large gear distance (usually above 250 m);
(2) Easy to maintain, it is easy to solve the problem of the line leapfrogging, and its mechanical characteristics can meet the large line leap;
(3) The outer layer of OPGW is metal armor, which has no impact on high-voltage static electricity and degradation;(4) OPGW cables must be controlled during the construction process and have a high power outage, so they should be used in high-voltage lines above 110kV.

OPGW has 4 structures:

(1) Center SST TYPE
(2) Al Clad SST TYPE
(3) Stranding SST TYPE
(4) Al Clad PBT Tube TYPE


opgw cable


The installation and construction of OPGW cables are similar to the installation and construction of ADSS cables, and the hardware used is almost the same, but the hooks are different. The OPGW cable should be installed at the location of the overhead ground wire. The position of the intermediate joints of the rational cable must fall on the tension tower and pass through the distribution board.

While maintaining all the performance of the overhead ground line, the OPGW optical cable also opens a way for the optical fiber communication network, without adding another hanging.



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