Isolator & Polarization Beam Splitter/Combiner (IPBC/IPBS)

The Isolator Polarization Beam Combiner/Splitter is a compact device which provides both polarization beam combining and optical isolation in one integrated component.It can be used either as a polarization beam combiner to combine light beams from two PM input fibers into a single output fiber, or as a polarization beam splitter to split light from an input fiber into two output fibers of orthogonal polarization states.IPBC/PBS has extremely low insertion loss, and it can improve the
amplifier performance.They are ideal for high power fiber laser and high power fiber amplifier applications.

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1.Low Insertion Loss

2.High Return Loss

3.High Extinction Ratio

4.High Stability and Reliability  



Structure Diagram



1.EDFA and Raman Amplifier

2.Fiber sensor

3.Coherent communication systems   

4.Polarization mode dispersion Compensator

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