FC/APC-FC/APC 0.9mm PM Fiber Patchcord

Polarization Maintaining (PM) Patch Cable are widely used in polarization sensitive fiber optical systems for transmission of light that requires the PM state to be maintained. All the PM fiber patch cable, Pm patch cable from Takfly meet or exceed industry standards for applications where polarization sensitivity is a requirement. Our Pm fiber cable, Pm patchcord come in many flexible configurations, with choice of connectors. 250µm bare fiber, 900µm loose tube fiber or 3mm cable can be supplied in, and FC/UPC, FC/APC, SC/UPC, SC/APC and LC connectors are available from Takfly.

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1.Low Insertion Loss

2.High Return Loss

3.High Extinction Ratio

4.High Stability and Reliability


Structure Diagram




1.Optical Fiber Amplifiers

2.Test Instrument

3.Fiber Sensor


5.Fiber Laser

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