Expo ISP Peru 2024: Peru’s Rendezvous, TAKFLY Leading the Fiber Optic Revolution

Dear readers welcome to the most exciting tech event in Peru – Expo ISP Peru 2024! In this exhibition, we will take you into the endless wonders of fiber optic technology and the mysterious land where the venue is located.



Event Overview

Expo ISP Peru 2024 is a grand exhibition focused on the Internet Service Provider (ISP) industry. As one of Latin America’s most important tech events, this exhibition will take place from February 22nd to 23rd, 2024, at the ESAN Convention & Sport Center, located at Jr. Alonso de Molina 1652, Santiago de Surco 15023, Peru. TAKFLY will be at booth number 21, inviting you to explore the future development of fiber optic technology together.

As a significant exhibitor in this event, TAKFLY GROUP will present a range of industry-leading fiber optic products. The main products we will showcase include:

  1. Active and passive fiber optic components: In the digital age, active and passive fiber optic components, such as fiber optic transceivers, are crucial for network transmission. TAKFLY will showcase its latest technological innovations, providing users with more stable and efficient data transmission solutions.
  2. Outdoor and indoor fiber optic cables: TAKFLY’s fiber optic cable products meet the needs of different scenarios, ensuring the stability and reliability of network connections in both urban and rural areas.
  3. Fiber Jumpers, pigtails, splitters: TAKFLY’s product line covers various aspects of network construction, offering users comprehensive fiber optic solutions.
  4. Fiber optic connectors, adapters: These compact components, including fiber optic transceivers, play a crucial role in ensuring signal transmission quality, and TAKFLY provides excellent connectivity performance through its innovative products.
  5. Fiber optic distribution boxes, optical modules, fiber optic transceivers: TAKFLY is committed to providing users with a one-stop fiber optic solution, including fiber optic transceivers, meeting the needs of different application scenarios and offering comprehensive fiber optic solutions.

The Infinite Charm of Fiber Optic Technology

As a crucial component of the information transmission field, fiber optic technology is rapidly changing our lives. At Expo ISP Peru 2024, you will have the opportunity to experience the innovative power of active and passive fiber optic products, such as fiber optic transceivers, up close. Major manufacturers will showcase their latest technological achievements, including high-speed data transmission, stable network connections, and a wide range of application areas, opening a new chapter for future tech development.

Event Highlights

Technical seminars: Seminars hosted by industry experts, delving into the cutting-edge developments and future trends of fiber optic technology.

Product displays: Major manufacturers will showcase their latest active and passive fiber optic products, presenting a feast of technology for the audience, including fiber optic solutions.

Cultural exchange: Interact with residents to understand Peru’s unique culture and traditions.

Business negotiations: Provide a platform for exhibiting companies and attendees to exchange and cooperate, promoting win-win cooperation in the industry.

After the Exhibition

Expo ISP Peru 2024 will conclude on February 23rd, but we believe this exhibition will bring new insights to the industry and drive the development of fiber optic technology, including fiber optic solutions. We look forward to your presence, and witnessing the glorious moments of this tech event together. Thank you for your attention, and let’s welcome the future of the digital age!


Looking forward to meeting you!



Fiber Optic Revolution



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