TAKFLY COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD to Participate in The LEAP 2024 Exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The place we will meet:

Saudi Arabia, the world’s oil king, well deserved it.

The oil is always called “black gold” because it is black when extracted from the earth and has a high value for most industries.


In the 5G era, we call data the new “black gold”, that is why the data center (where you can see a lot of fiber optic cables, MPO/MTP, switches, optical transceivers, etc.) is so signification for giant companies. Optical communications are the field that can provide solutions for data centers.


fiber optic cables



TAKFLY COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD stands at the forefront of the optical communications industry globally. We specialize in crafting and producing an extensive lineup of fiber optic cables, optical transceivers, networking hardware, and accompanying accessories.

Our dedication to pioneering advancements and ensuring the utmost client fulfillment drives us to offer an expansive selection of superior products (including fiber optic cables, optical transceivers, pigtails, and more) and services. These are designed to cater to the dynamic requirements of the optic communications field, enhancing our commitment to quality and innovation.


Exhibition Details:

Exhibition Name: LEAP 2024


Venue: Riyadh Exhibition and Convention Center, Malham, Saudi Arabia

Address: Riyadh Exhibition & Convention Center – مركز الرياض للمعارض والمؤتمرات – ملهم, 792P+JQ, Malham 13380

Booth Number: Hall 5, Country Pavilion E11 (H5. E11)

Dates: March 4 to March 7, 2024

Organizer: Informa Markets(Below is the invitation letter from them)





As a leading company in the field of optical communications, we(TAKFLY COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD), will be participating in the upcoming LEAP 2024 exhibition in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

It will be a great honor to invite you to join us at this event.

This exhibition plays the role of an excellent platform for displaying our cutting-edge solutions (like fiber optic cables, optical transceivers, network equipment, and related accessories) and networking with industry expertise. We sincerely invite you to visit our booth and explore the latest developments in the optical communication field.



During the LEAP 2024 fair, TAKFLY COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD is set to unveil our newest breakthroughs in optical communication technology. Our exhibition booth will be alive with dynamic demonstrations and engaging interactive displays, offering attendees a tactile exploration of our products. The focal points of our booth will include:

1)Fiber Optic Cables: It is a kind of cable that is used for data transportation over long distances at high speed and it’s immune to electromagnetic interference. Explore our extensive range of fiber optic cables, designed for reliable connectivity and deliver high-speed for various network applications.

From single-mode to multimode cables, we offer customized solutions to meet diverse customer needs.


2)Solutions: With decades of engagement and practice in the optic communications field, our footprint covers most of the developed and developing countries to deliver our solutions(like data center solutions, cabling solutions, and so on) which have been proven to work. In our booth, you are encouraged to share the problem you meet and get our know-how solution.


3)Optical Transceivers: The optical transceiver is a device for transmitting and receiving optical signals in a network. Our transceivers are compatible with a multitude of interfaces, including Fiber Channel, Ethernet, and InfiniBand, enabling a seamless connection with all kinds of network devices. Explore the robustness and efficiency of our optical transceivers, which are made to support flawless data transmission over vast distances at unparalleled speeds.


4)Network Equipment: When it comes to information packet processing (like switch, split, combine, and so on) along the ONU or OLT, network equipment is a must. Welcome to check our network equipment, including switches, media converters, and routers, created to optimize network performance and enhance scalability. These solutions provide seamless integration and efficient management of optical networks.


5)Accessories: The accessories can be small and cheap, but it is very important when it comes to the OLT and ONU devices. Get knowledge of our comprehensive range of accessories, including connectors, patch panels, cassettes, chassis, and testing equipment. These accessories complement our core products, ensuring a complete and reliable optical communication system.


Why Visit Our Booth:

By visiting TAKFLY COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD’s booth at LEAP 2024, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Reduce your supply chain risk by seeking backup manufacturers.
  • Get insights into the new trends and developments in the field of optical communications.
  • Engage with our team of specialists to delve into your specific requirements and uncover tailored solutions that align with your unique needs.
  • Check the quality and performance of our items through live demonstrations.
  • Establish links with industry professionals, enhancing partnerships and coworks.



LEAP 2024 provides a unique platform for TAKFLY COMMUNICATIONS CO., LTD to showcase our expertise in the field of optical communications. We invite you to join us at our booth in Hall 5, Country Pavilion E11 (H5.E11), and explore the future of optical communications. Together, let’s build a connected world powered by innovation and reliability.

Oil represents the past, data stands for the future, and what will happen when two “black gold” meet each other in Saudi Arabia?

Hope you can join us to discover the fortune in the field of optical communications and get your first bucket of gold in Saudi Arabia.



fiber optic cables

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