Ticket at Hand, the Show is Going to Begin

Brazil, a football paradise, always gathers travelers and visitors through its football match.

Brazil’s also a place where multiple nationalities’ cultures can coexist harmoniously.

It is regarded as a national melting pot, because Brazil has immigrants from Europe, Africa, Asia, and other regions. 

So the culture of Brazil has strong Latin American characteristics and a strong sense of style. Their performances in music and dance are also unique.

fiber optic jumper

When trading in Brazil, there are some local B2B platforms that you can’t miss it:



In August this year, Brazil will open its arms to embrace the visitor at the fair of NETCOM2023

Held by the organizer Aranda Eventos, this fair is a platform where participants can showcase their brand-new products (like fiber optic jumper, WDM, Media Converter, etc.), technologies, and services,

and to exchange insights and perspectives on the latest trends and dynamics of the industry.

Its goal is to gather leading industry experts, researchers, and merchandisers in the optical communication field, it is really a show.

fiber optic jumper

Takfly Group will act as exhibitors (the details of its booth as below) in this Fair, to greet clients (especially those looking for manufacturers of fiber optic jumpers, WDM, Media Converter, etc.) from all over the world.

It will be the second time for the Takfly group to attend this fair.


Fair:   NETCOM2023

Time:  August 1-3, 2023

Add:   Expo Center Norte,Rua José Bernardo Pinto, 333,Vila Guilherme,São Paulo,Brazil

Booth No.: C08

fiber optic jumper

Takfly Group, an expert in the optical communication field, has been deeply rooted in this industry for decades since 2000.


Takfly Group’s plant operates under the standard of ISO14001, ISO9001.


The company never compromises with its product quality, and all of its goods including fiber optic jumper, WDM, Media Converter, etc.,  have been approved by FCC, CE, RoHS, REACH, CPR, ANATEL, and so on.


Thus, to meet their clients’ market requirements, that is why Takfly Group earns the trust of customers all around the globe.


Thanks to the feedback from its clients, the items below are welcomed by their local markets:


MPO/MTP Trunk fiber optic jumper Cablehttps://www.takfly.com/collection/mpo-mtp-trunk-cable


PLC fiber optic jumper Splitter




PM & High Power Fiber Components




Media Converter




For the certificate, ANATEL is that must ’Ticket’ when exporting to Brazil.


And Takfly has got the ’Ticket’ to enter the Brazilian market, below is the ANATEL certificate (As in the image below) with Takfly’s name on it.


Ticket at hand, the show is going to begin.

fiber optic jumper

The team of Takfly Group is reliable and enthusiastic, their consistent efforts are always praised by the clients.


Besides that, the Takfly team always takes responsibility for their products about fiber optic jumper, WDM, Media Converter, and solutions, and will provide you with after-sales service.


They attend the fair, and one of the purposes is to listen to the voice of the clients there, keep improving its items, and provide after-sales service face-to-face in person.


Now, the Takfly team is ready for the fair.

Olá Brasil, the Takfly team will see you soon!



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