What are Optical cable connector types and Applications?

With the current rapid development and digitization, there has been rapid growth in the optical cable connector types to meet improved connector access, save data space, and build modular designs.


What Is a Fiber Optical cable Connector?

An optical cable connector connects the two ends of the fiber optic cable, holding them together inside the ferrule to attach them to the other side of the cable. Ferrules are the connector end pieces that include connecting and securing the termination.



What Are the Types of Fiber Optical Cable Connectors?

There are different optical cable connector types in the market such as:

-Standard connectors (SC): This is a fiber solutions connector with a high-performance capability and their ferrules are 21/2 mm. They are common and can be applied in multiple applications.

-Multi-Position Optical connectors: MTP is the commercial brand for MPO whereby MPO applies to more mechanical areas and MTP in high-performance applications.

-Lucent connectors (LC): These are optical cable connector types that have some of the smaller ferrules measuring 11/4 mm and work for multimode transceivers and single-mode cables.

-Ferrule Core (FC) Connectors: These are connectors for use with single-mode connections and use keyed and screw-in type ferrule.

-ST connectors: These are some of the oldest fiber terminations and are designed in a 21/2 mm ferrule and a bayonet-style connection between the fibers and the adapter.


What Are Optical Cable Connectors Used For?

-Internet and Local Area Networks: Fiber optical cables are commonly used to transmit internet and LAN connectivity in buildings due to their ability to allow greater broadband.

-Public service networks. Fiber optics can be used in a variety of government departments because they provide reliable data transmission and communication, which is essential for public services.

-Digital telephone services: Another use for fiber optical cables is in telephony services to offer reliable fiber solutions.

-Public utility networks: For public utility providers such as electrical companies requiring solid fiber solutions, they can use fiber cables to connect CCTV security cameras and various sites to get real-time data provision.

-Digital Lighting: Also, fiber cables are used in areas requiring safer lighting transmission where standard electrical wires can’t be used.

Security systems: fiber optics offer reliable and effective video and audio data transmission and so highly used in security system industries such as closed circuit TV(CCTV). They are also capable of two-way direction fiber cable allowing improved security.


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