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polarization maintaining components


As one of the leading manufacturers of fiber optic products in Shenzhen, China. Takfly established the fiber optic Polarization maintaining and High power components workshop in 2019, producing excellent products by using imported equipment, In the meantime, CE, ROHS, and REACH compliant.

What is the polarization maintaining components? What are the main uses of polarization-maintaining components? Before getting to know these, let’s get to know what is a polarization maintaining fiber. And the characteristics of polarization maintaining fiber?

For example, in a regular fiber optic patch cord, we can know that connectors composed with an optical fiber are called a fiber optic patch cord, so, the polarization-maintaining fiber composed with the device is called polarization maintaining components.

Polarization-maintaining devices are often used in interferometers, lasers, used in the connection between light sources and external modulators, etc. fiber optic gyroscopes, sensors such as fiber optic hydrophones, fiber optic communication systems such as DWDM and EDFA, principle qualitative: In short, Polarized fibers are generally used in instruments that are sensitive to polarization states.

What are the advantages of Takfly’s Polarization Maintaining fiber components?

1. Professional industry experience, and R&D Ability

Takfly Group established in 2000, start the business from fiber optic patch cords, pigtails, and fiber cables. Built our PM & High power components workshop with 100 workers in 2019 according to the demand of the market. Introduce advanced production technology and equipment, keep R&D, and improve ourselves.

2. Full set of certificates

In order to provide stable and qualified Polarization-Maintaining products for our customers. Takfly applied for ISO14001, ISO9001, CE, ROSH, and REACH.

3. Extinction Ratio control

The industry standard of Extinction Ratio for Polarization Maintaining filter coupler is 20dB for both axis working; 22dB for single axis working. But Takfly’s standard is much higher than the industry standard. Takfly’s Extinction Ratio for Polarization Maintaining filter coupler is 24dB for both axis working; 26dB for single axis working.

4. Production Capacity

Takfly has 8 production lines with 50 workers for Polarization Maintaining filter couplers, and 5 production lines with 30 workers for Polarization Maintaining fused couplers. The capacity of the filter coupler is 3500pcs per month at least, and 1400pcs per month at least.

5.OEM & ODM services are available.

6. Full range of Polarization Maintaining and High power components

Polarization Maintaining:
PM Isolator
PM Circulator
PM Coupler & PLC Splitter
PM WDM & Bandpass Filter
PM Hybrid Device
PB S/C & Polarizer
PM Collimator & Depolarizer
PM Patchcord & Attenuator
PM Faraday Mirror

High Power Components:
Fiber-to-Free Space Isolator
Optical Circulator
Optical Isolator
Fiber Collimator
Bandpass Filter
Pump Laser Protector
Fiber Hybrid Component

Fused Fiber Components:
Fused Coupler
Fused WDM
Pump Signal Combiner



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