Takfly’s MPO products are favored in the 2021 China (Shanghai) IDC exhibition

The China(Shanghai) international data center industrial exhibition was held on 17 ~19 June 2021, over two hundred famous enterprises participated in the exhibition, and the number of visitors exceeded 2,5000 in three days. As the leading company in the telecommunication field, Takfly attended the exhibition and was widely favored by visitors. The exhibition is about the data center products, among these, Takfly’s MPO patch cord, MPO cassette, and MPO patch panel are very popular.


In order to meet the requirements of high-density and high-efficiency optical fiber connection in the high-speed and large-capacity optical communication system, MPO optical fiber jumper came into being. MPO multi-core technology, not only has 8 cores/12 cores, even 72 cores or more. MTP/MPO high-density cabling system is to complete the rapid configuration of high-density optical fiber jumper and ribbon optical cable on site. It is an ideal solution to meet the needs of the data center under the background of increasing high-capacity wiring in the user data center. have invested more than 15% of the profit in R&D new products in the data center, Takfly’s products have advantages both in quality and price. our products have been approved by CE, RoHS, REACH certificates, and we meet the standard of ISO9001 and ISO14001. so far, our products are sold in more than 70 countries.


Takfly’s main exhibits include MPO/MTP patch cord, MPO/MTP cassette, MPO/MTP patch panel, direct attach cable(DAC), and active optical cable(AOC), etc. due to the excellent connection and mechanical properties, our products attracted many visitors. quality is the foundation of Takfly’s survival, and the reason for the customer to choose us. as we all know, insertion loss is one of the most important parameters for MPO/MTP products, Takfly adopts superior raw materials to lower the loss. at the same time, our advanced production equipment and experienced workers help to guarantee the best quality of our products. regarding the product inspection, all the workers have been trained in professional skills, and all the products passed the quality inspection before the delivery.


Based on the concept of “high quality, reasonable price, excellent service and mutual benefit”, Takfly is becoming a famous brand all over the world.


Always keep moving, Takfly will continuously increase the investment in R&D the new products and improve the productivity. warmly welcome to be our business partner, and let us help you to win the market. 




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