ODVA SC-SC Simplex Outdoor Waterproof Patch Cord

For the push-pull plug and bayonet mechanical latch structure it is simple and easy to install or disassembly the ODVA connector. The ODVA components provided by TAKFLY are up to protection IP67,which make it dust-proof, water-proof and UV protection, and suitable for the application in harsh outdoor environment or industrial environment.

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Bayonet locked

Bayonet-style mechanical lock which will not easily loosen due to external force,easy to install and disassemble.



Small size

Built-in SC single-core connector



Seal design

Wide optional cable size range

ODVA SC-SC Simplex Outdoor Waterproof Patch Cord is suitable for common indoor and outdoor environments, and is often use d for waterproof docking of tower tops and communication base station equipment ports.

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