LC Fixed Optical Attenuator (Male-Female)

Takfly fixed optical attenuator male-female family offers high performance of variously fixed attenuation for industrial standard connections.
Wide attenuation range, extremely low return loss, polarization insensitive, and excellent repeatability.
With our highly integrated design and manufacturing capability, Takfly can also provide customized products to help our customer for better opportunities.
Our attenuator complies with industry green initiative such as ROHS.

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Standard size, Easy installation

LC fixed optical attenuator adopts male-female structure, standard size convenient and fast connection.



Featured high quality ceramic ferrules and sleeves

High-quality and high-precision ceramic ferrules and sleeves are used to achieve high-precision alignment of connectors to ensure long-term stable mechanical and optical performance.



Multiple Types Optional

TAKFLY’s fixed optical attenuators male-female are available in various types, as well as various styles of dust caps.

LC fixed optical attenuator has the advantages of easy installation,good interchangeability, high and low temperature resistance, etc.

lt is one of the indispensable connecting devices in optical networksand is widely used in telecommunications networks, CATV, data centers and other fields.

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