LC Square Type Bare Fiber Adapter

Bare fiber adapter is an auxiliary tool for optical fiber data testing.because the bare adapter plug hole and bare fiber through th hole without epoxy gule and any medium,the bare fiber  is easy to be inserted and pulled out and repeatedly used,and has low insertion loss and easy operate.

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Anti-dust function by dust cap

Each bare fiber adapter with the dust cap, prevent the ferrule from dust and keep it clean.



Selected High Quality Ferrule

Bare fiber adapters available with high quality ceramic ferrules, professional polishing technology, precise matching for optical endface to achieve more stable transmission and efficient connection.



Simple operation and easy to learn

Easy to operate,  and also can be observed with the naked eye.



Multiple Types Optional

TAKFLY can provide a full range of bare fiber adapter.

Acting on bare fiber, temporary connection OTDR, optical power meter, light source and other fiber port data and test instrumentation equipment.

Temporary connection of optical fiber and emergency repair of optical fiber.

The use of rubber-clamped fiber, the fiber test more round bare fiber adapter less impact, the device manufacturers to test better.

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