High Power Tap Isolator (TGG Based, 780nm to 1064nm)

High Power PM Tap+Isolator Hybrid is a fiber passive component which integrated with the function of Tap Filter Coupler and Optical Isolator. Tap Coupler can seperate the signal power for monitoring, and Optical Isolator for avoiding the backward reflection light.This product has an extremely low insertion loss, a very stable tap-coupling ratio, high isolation, and high return loss and it offers integrated solution to EDFA application by combining more functions into a very compact package.

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1.Low Insertion Loss           

2.High Return Loss           

3.High Extinction Ratio        

4.High Isolation



Structure Diagram



1.Compact Amplifier

2.Compact Fiber Optic System

3.Fiber Laser

4.Fiber Optic Sensor

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