SENKO launched CS® Standard connector in 2018


With the increasing demand for cloud services, 4K video, 5G services, and 400G/800G high-speed networks, data centers are required to provide faster processing capabilities, larger storage space, and faster and more stable transmission solutions.


Especially with the arrival of 5G for driverless and extremely sensitive applications, it is more urgent to reduce latency, which requires data centers to be as close as possible to users, as dense and compact as possible and energy-efficient (miniaturization). This is the trend of future data center development.


In order to meet the needs of more miniaturization and densification of data centers and meet the needs of high-density data center construction by reducing the size of connectors, SENKO has developed and produced a new optical fiber connector “CS®”, which was officially launched in 2018.


LC and MPO connectors are commonly used in current data centers, which are indeed smaller in size than SC and FC connectors in the past. But while MPO connectors can greatly increase capacity without increasing space requirements, manufacturing is labor-intensive, and cleaning is not easy, while “CS” subminiature connectors use proven technology for more reliable and easier deployment , is also easy to clean, smaller in size, and brings a higher density optical fiber connection application solution to 400G.


The Original CS® Standard connector design offers exceptional performance at an economical price. The CS is a Very Small Form Factor (VSFF) connector and is ideal for space-saving solutions. The CS connector allows you to double the density in patch panels compared to an LC duplex. It offers the ability to add more room for cable management as well as better airflow within a rack. The unique push-pull tab allows for better usability in high-density applications. The connector accepts up to 2.0/3.0mm duplex fiber. The connector has been adopted by QSFP-DD, OSFP, and COBO, Standardized by TIA.



Basic design:


  • CS is a LC duplex connector.
  • The distance between two ferrule is smaller( 3.8mm)
  • Easy for operation, push pull tab for superior manageability in high density applications. Comes in various length and styles
  • Same parameter with the LC connector



  • Performance exceeds LC
  • Double the density compared to conventional LC
  • 40% size reduction over LC Duplex
  • Designed for OSFP/QSFP-DD break out application
  • Grade B IEC61753-1 Random Mating
  • Exceeds GR-326-CORE requirements



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