TKS-1806-02E FTTH Fiber Optic Wall Outlets

This box is a compact fiber terminal for use at the final fiber termination point in the customer premises. It provides mechanical protection and managed fiber control in an attractive format suitable for use inside customer premises, A variety of possible fiber termination techniques are accommodated.

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Easy to open or buckle the top cover

The top cover is fixed on botton by buckle easy to operate.



Easy to use

This FTTH fiber optic wall plate is used in the home or work area to complete optical fiber access and port output, provide optical fiber fixing stripping, splicing and protection devices, and allow a small amount of redundant optical fiber inventory.



Large capacity of wound fiber optic cable

2 foldable routing trays, can contain more rolled cables.

TKS-1806-02E FTTH Fiber Optic Wall Outlets widely used in LAN(local area network)、FTTH、CATV networks etc..

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