How to choose the right optical fiber company?

In this day and age of technological advancement, there are severalfiber optic products manufacturers. And choosing the bestopticalfiber companycan be difficult.So how can you choose the right opticalfiber company? You need to take into account the following major factors: Major factors to consider in choosing the bes

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CPR EN50575 Cable CE Certification fire classification

Takfly’s Fiber Optical Cable CPR EN50575 Cca, Dca, Eca certificated Do you want to achieve higher safety levels for fire and dangerous substances in materials used inFiber Optical Cable? Do you want to ensure the harmonisation across Europe of the Fiber Optical Cable? Or do you already have Europe customers requ

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TAKFLY held a team building activity in May 2022

TAKFLY held a team building activity inMay 2022. This activity enriched the spare time life of employees and madeeveryone more relaxed. After this activity, we deeply felt the importance of the team. Everyone plays a very important role in the team. A team’s success depends on the effective leadership, the positive att

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2022 Takfly Newly Design High-density MPO/MTP Patch Panel

With the rapid demands on higher speed and more bandwidth, high density is becoming a main trend in today’s data centers. MPO/MTP pre-terminated solutions that are resulting in a fast interconnection of network components and a high utilization of fibers are launched to market to meet the demands on high-density

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