E2000-E2000 Fiber Optic Patch Cord

Fiber optic patch cord is the cable with both ends terminated with fiber optic connectors, which realizes the connection between optic networking equipment and equipment, and equipment and patch cords. Easy operation and convenience make it indispensable as one of the passive products for optic networking construction.
TAKFLY can provides a full range of fiber optic patch cords, whose transmission mode, cable type, and connector type can be optionally matched and even customized as well.

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Selected High Quality Ferrule

Fiber optic patch cord available with high quality ceramic ferrules, professional polishing technology, precise matching for optical endface to achieve more stable transmission and efficient connection.



High Quality, 100% Testing

TAKFLY fiber optic patch cord are fully 100% testing, compliant to the product standards and can meet the demands of our users.



Dust and scratch resistant

The E2000 connector comes with a spring shutter to protect the ferrule to prevent the interior from external contaminants.



Firm connection, easy installation

The E2000 connector adopts push-pull locking mode, which is easy to operate and install.



Multiple Types Optional

TAKFLY can provide a full range of E2000-E2000,LC,SC,FC,ST etc…..fiber optic patchcord, can be customized.



The fiber patch cords from TAKFLY are featured with stable transmission and high reliability, and widely applicable in the optic networking scenes, such as data centers, FTTX and LAN etc..

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