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Fiber Media Converter

10G Unmanaged Fiber Media Converter

Tags:Fiber Media Converter

Intro:10G Unmanaged Media Converter with SFP+ & RJ45 port. It is primarily designed for large, higher speed/bandwidth demanding workgroups that require expansion of the Ethernet network.

Parameter:Supports 850, 1310, 1550nm and CWDM/DWDM:SFP Port

Application: Fiber Channel; Switch to Switch interface; Switched backplane applications; Router/Server interface; Other optical transmission systems

Product Details

1. Core Master Control:  88X3310-A1-BUS4C000

2. Store and forward:  Support

3. Backplane bandwidth/MAC:  56G / 16K

4. Adaptive state: Support 100M/1000M/10000M photoelectric adaptive

5. Warranty: 1 year

6. Application method: can be wall-mounted or desktop

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