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Tags:Fiber Optic Cable

Intro:0.9mm or 0.6mm tight buffer fiber; sprial steel wire; kevlar yarn as a layer surrounding the steel wire; LSZH/PVC/PU as out sheath

Parameter:OD:3.0/4.8/5.0/5.5mm; Armor Diameter: 1.8/2.8/3.2/3.8mm

Application:Components for various indoor cables; Suitable for patch cords and pigtails; Suitable for communication equipment served

Product Details


The cable use 0.9mm or 0.6mm tight buffer fiber as optical communication medium. The tight buffer is wrapped with sprial steel wire, then kevlar yarn as a layer surrounding the steel wire, then cable is completed with LSZH/PVC/PU as out sheath.

◆   Good mechanical and environmental characteristics.

   Flame retardant characteristics meets the requirements of relevant standards.

   The mechanical characteristics meet the requirements of relevant standards.

   Soft, flexible, easy to splice, and with big capacity data transmission.

   Anti rodent and UV stable.


   Components for various indoor cables

   Suitable for patch cords and pigtails

   Suitable for communication equipment served

Technical Parameters:

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