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Fiber Optic Terminal Box


Tags:Fiber Optic Terminal Box

Intro:2 Ports Fiber Optic Termination Box

Parameter:Fiber Optic Terminal Box Adaptor type: SC, LC; SC Simplex, LC Duplex are available.

Application:Telecommunications/ FTTH/ FTTX/ LAN/ WAN/ CATV etc.

Product Details


● It is used for different kinds of modules and applied to the working area subsystem.
● It uses embedded surface frame, easy to install and disassemble, it is with protective door and dusty free, can do OEM for any customers and print requested LOGO.
● With application of fiber SC/LC simplex, duplex and other different environment installed plate or flush plate. All modules can be configured on customer’s choice.

● Cable management can be connected without cutting(with express port)
● All modules are free of welding. 

Working area:

● The telecommunication network, metropolitan area network, optical fiber communication system.
● Optical testing equipment/instrument.
● CATV optical fiber, optical fiber sensor.
● Optical fiber broadband access network, FTTH optical fiber.
● Optical fiber distribution frame, frame type and wall type optical fiber distribution unit. 

Performance index: 

 Configuration table:

Table 1 Model and configuration

Product inside structure and cable ways: 


1. Wall-mounted installation

2. Drill 3 holes over the wall based on the size in table 1,place the expansion boltΦ5.5*30,place the box to match up the holes and use bolt to fasten.(see Pic 3)


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