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MPO/MTP Splitter Patch cord

Tags:MPO/MTP-MPO/MTP Patch Cable; MPO/MTP-MPO/MTP Patch Cord

Intro:Takfly MPO/MTP to MPO/MTP Patch Cable.It is a product designed for data center cable infrastructure, especially designed for 40G/100G network like 40G BASE-SR4 OR 100G BASE-SR10. This cable assembly with can be designed with 24 fiber cores in the MPO/MTP connectors on both side, or one end with 24 fibers in one end, in another end with 24 LC connectors.

Parameter:Standard:≤0.35/0.7(Typical/Max) Low Loss:≤0.2/0.35(Typical/Max)

Application:Data Center Infrastructure; Optical system access network; Storage Area Network- Fiber Channel; 40G and 100Gbps Fiber Network; High density architectures

Product Details


● Asynchronous Transmission Mode(ATM)

● Gigabit Ethernet

● Active Deviced/Transceiver Interface

● CATV, Video and Multimedia

● Premise Installations

● Telecommunication Networks

● Parallel optical interconnect between PC Cards and patch panels

● Interconnection for O/E modules

● Industrial & Military

● Optical Switch interframe connections 


● Precision molded MT ferrule

● High precision guide pins for exact alignment

● Compact design, up to 4,8,12,24 fibers

● IEC 61754-7 Compliant

● EIA/TIA-604-5 Compliant

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