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PLC Splitter Global Market Overview

Author:Takfly Group    Date:2019-09-25    Tags:PLC

With the development of global FTTX, planar optical waveguide technology has become a hot spot in the optical communication industry. PLC splitter, which is  based on planar waveguide circuit technology, can provide a low cost fiber distribution solution in passive optical networks. Nowadays it has become an indispensable passive optical device in FTTX and PON systems. The devices are widely used in the headend or central office, in the outside plant to extend the network, and even at the customer premises.

According to a new Research report published by Gen Consulting Company, the worldwide market for PLC Splitter is expected to grow at a CAGR of roughly 5.7% over the next five years, will reach 1400 million US$ in 2023, from 1000 million US$ in 2017. It shows that PLC splitter will continue to play an important role in passive optical networks.


As we know, good market prospect will create fierce competitive environment, more and more manufacturers take advantage of this trend to grab market share, many  operators try to offer products with better performance, various product's types, better technical and after-sales service. As one of professional manufacturer for PLC splitter, Takfly is no exception.