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SC SM/MM Simplex/Duplex Optic Fiber Adapter

Tags:Fiber Optical Adapter

Intro:Fiber Optic Adapter is a fiber optic connector on the activities of linking components

Parameter:SC SM/MM, Simplex/Duplex, Insertion Loss: S.M(Zroz): ≤0.2dB M.M(P.B):≤0.3dB, Return Loss: S.M(Zroz) ≥45dB ,Plastic Material

Application:Telecommunications/CATV/LAN & WAN/Network/Broadband/FTTH/etc.

Product Details


An adapter is a mechanical device designed to align fiber-optic connectors. It contains the interconnect sleeve, that holds the two ferrules together.

SC fiber optic adapters are flange type, single mode adapters are with zirconia sleeve while multimode fiber adapters are with bronze sleeve.

SC Adapter Specification


Single mode and Multimode

Zirconia sleeves or Phosphor bronze sleeves

NTT standard compatible

Available without flanges or with flange for duplex, saving panel space

SC2 8Port high density for patch panel mount applications

Meet JIS5974 and bellcore GR-326 standard

Compliant with IEC874-14 & IEC874-19

All parts compliant with ROHS

Appearance & Dimension:

Figure5. SC Duplex Adaptor without Flange