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ST Adjustable Attenuator

Tags:Fiber Optical Attenuator

Intro:ST Fiber Optic Attenuator is a component installed reduces the power in the optical signal

Parameter:Adjustable attenuation range :0~30dB; Housing material Plastic or metal; Ferrule material Ceramic metal

Application:Fiber optical telecommunication system /Fiber optical CATV/Fiber optical sensor /Testing equipment

Product Details

Adjustable fiber optic attenuator, also called variable fiber optic attenuator, usually is inline type, the appearance like fiber optic patch cord; it is with an adjustable component in the middle of the device to change the attenuation level to a certain figure. There are also handheld variable fiber optic attenuators; they are used as test equipment, and we have the inline fiber optic attenuators.

Product Description


Low back reflection and Low PDL

High precision attenuation value

Precision control of attenuation range 

Wide attenuation range

Precision ceramic ferrule

Plastic or metal housing material


Fiber optical telecommunication system 

Fiber optical CATV

Fiber optical sensor

Testing equipment


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